Only Blues and Jazz
2013 AQHA Black Filly
Dam: Jazz E Invitation
Owner: Diane Harris Gill

It's All About Attitude
2013 AQHA Black Colt
Dam: Molly McChocolate by Chips Hot Chocolate
Owner: Marlene Huish

It's Honey Blue Blue
2013 AQHA Bay Filly
Dam: Stylish Goods by Good Asset
Owner Douglas Kerr

LA Blue Skies
2013 AQHA Black Filly
Dam: A Tribal Treasure
Owner Samantha Lombardo

I'm Sexy N Blue Know It
2013 AQHA Bay Filly
Dam: Firehouse Twelve (TB)
Owner: Josh Baker

It's All About Alias
2013 ApHC Filly
Dam: Promise Me Alias (ApHC)
Owner: Kay Roberson

Blue Bon Bon
2013 AQHA Bay Filly
Dam: See Me Com En
Owner: Anne Karn

It's All About Fun
2012 AQHA Bay Filly
Dam: Mathissumfun (TB)
Owner: Bobbie Parker

It's All Ironed Out
2013 Sorrel Colt
 Dam: Momma Don't Iron
Owner: Katie Samuelson

All About Drama
 2012 AQHA Bay Filly
Dam: Glowing Illusion
Owner: Bobbie Jo Stanton

It's All Blue Today
2012 AQHA BIG Bay Colt
Dam: Pic On Bailey(TB)
Owner: Mary Ingerson

2011 AQHA Bay Filly
Dam: A Duplicated Star
Owner: Jeanette Tornehave from Sweden

In Ur Dreamz
2012 AQHA Black filly
 Dam: Daughter of Last Detail
Owner: Jackilyn Cattera from Warren MI

Painted Blue Details
2013 Triple Registered colt
Dam: Daughter of Last Detail
Owner: Cindy Ingels

2014 AQHA Bay Colt
Dam: Detailed By Deniro (Last Detail) 
Owner: Jarrett Carter from Columbus, Ohio

Blue Collar Diamonds
2012 AQHA Black Colt
Dam: Detailed in Diamonds (Last Detail)
Owner: Tessa Neal

2011 APHA Colt
Dam: Charisma N Class
Owners: Tracy Hull & Rusty Miller

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